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What can a virtual assistant do to help grow your small business?

What can a virtual assistant do? Well, you can do more of what you like doing by hiring somebody to do what you like least in your day to day affairs.  If you decrease your workload on the tasks that bring you less money, then you’ll gain the time to work on the top functions that bring in the biggest income for you.

Your virtual assistant can do the following for you:

  • Email management. draft a reply to your emails, summarize the actionable points, remind you of the important things you need to do;

  • Scheduling & Appointment setting. Your VA can manage your calendar and set up reminders for you.

  • Social media management. Your assistant can set up your social media platforms, build your reputation; engage your audience, manage leads, etc.

  • Digital marketing. The experienced VA can create copy, publish Google ads and social media ads, get the insights, and improve on the ads’ performance. Your devoted deputy can write copy for your email marketing campaigns.

  • Project management. Many of them are knowledgeable in managing ongoing projects using project management apps;

  • Internet research and reporting. Your remote aide can research on business trends, study what the competition does, and many other research duties that are submitted with spread sheet reports;

  • Organize your records and files for easy retrieval;

  • Bookkeeping tasks using apps;

  • Client relations and customer service. As you attend business meetings and sign contracts and deals, your remote assistant can manage;

  • Personal assistance;

  • and many more

Virtual assistants or VAs  are independent contractors who work remotely and you save money on worker’s insurance or other benefits. In the past years, businesses in the U.S. and Australia who have been hiring remote assistants for a long period of time are now voluntarily complying with the Philippine labor and industrial law, Presidential Decree #851, the granting of 13th month pay to both regular and contractual employees.

The purpose of hiring Virtual Assistants is to save you time and money.  You can assign the more mundane tasks to your VA.  They can help you find leads, do the marketing, arrange sales and product shipping. You can focus on your business’ core processes as many of your tasks are delegated to your VA.

Either you train them or they train you

Virtual Assistants can bring  new skills into your organization. Surely you do have amazing skills that had made you become the businessman or the entrepreneur that you are. You can opt to transfer these skills to your VAs so that they can effectively do the work that you delegate to them. On the hand, your VA can teach you new things, too. An experienced virtual assistant bring in new expertise to your business when you hire them because VAs learn from their work for various other businesses.

They can take off stress from your life. You get to find more time to relax with your family and friends.  Although there are limitations to what they can do over the internet, they can run a whole range of tasks for you to help bring your business to greater heights.

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