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Hire the Right Virtual Assistant for your Business

How to hire the right Virtual Assistant for your business? You’ll be asking this question when you’re new to outsourcing jobs or every time you need to hire a new one. You certainly would want to get the right VA or your remote assistant. Right VA means the one person that you can hire within your budget who can deliver the best service for your company’s needs.

You might have to manage the hiring process and payroll all by yourself. These are simple tasks that are necessary so that you can hire your assistant and be able to focus on the core processes of your trade, management functions, and growth strategies for your business. Outsourcing to the Philippines gives you access to professional and high quality services of Filipino virtual assistants and professional experts.

The right source

Why Filipinos? For more than 100 years, Filipinos have enjoyed an American-influenced public school system and a democratic way of life that encourage both men and women to pursue higher education. In the current administration, almost everyone can obtain a college degree because of the free tuition system in state colleges and universities.

Filipinos are loyal to their employers and dedicated to their jobs.

The Process

Depending on your hiring pace, it may take a couple of days or a few weeks to find the suitable candidates that you would like to interview on Skype or Zoom. Their hourly rates are based on their skills and experience.

If you got the time, you can also prepare a simple job description for the role then compare the candidate’s resume with the job description. Keep searching for your candidates. If you see a resume that matches the role you want to fill, add that to your shortlist. When you see that a resume stands out, add that to your shortlist.

It is important to interview every candidate so that you can determine their skills, experiences, degree of interest in the job role and also so that you both can come to an agreement on important details such as availability, work schedule, hourly rate, or payment method. There are other essential details such as internet speed, backup WiFi, or power source reliability. You can hire one, or a couple, or a team depending on your needs and finances. Set your virtual assistant’s salary based on: their experience, skills, and job role.

Questions to ask

Interview questions are asked so that you can make an assessment based on your selection criteria or job specifics. Here are sample questions to ask:

1. How many hours do you have available for the job?

2. Do you already have another job?

3. Name your top skills; and the “skills” that you need to hone further.

4. Name a difficult situation in your past job and how you managed it.

5. What applications do you use in your work?

6. Do you have your own computer or will you work from an internet café?

7. Can you send me samples of your work?

8. If I hire you, how do we communicate? Do you prefer Skype or email?

Other interviewers prefer an initial text chat to be able to assess the language skills of the candidate as well as the typing speed. A voice or a video call can be scheduled next.

For some reasons, a few applicants may not be comfortable with video calls. Reasons may include: background scenery that may not be as appealing; privacy matters if the work station is in the bedroom; and other personal reasons.

Essential Skills

The right VA must be one who has the ability and interest to learn new things, must be able to follow simple (or in a few cases complex) instructions. This requires good listening or comprehension skills. You should not micromanage your VA. Some amount of initiative is ideal. The right VA should be able to do the job without being pushed.

Payment for work done

Your VA can be inspired to work for you on a long term if you give him a good rate, if you send the payment according to schedule, and if you are a good boss. What is a good boss? This is answered in another article on Being a good Virtual Boss.

Paypal is one way to transfer money to the Philippines. You will be charged a small fee and it will take 2-3 days before your VA receives the money. If you’re from the U.S. you can use Xoom which is an immediate money transfer. There are other alternatives to paying your VA and you could discuss this matter during the interview.

Picking the right virtual assistant is crucial to the success and growth of your business.

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