• In the Philippines, workers receive a mandatory 1-month worth of salary every year called the 13th month bonus. This is usually given every November.  
    • Should you pay them the 13th month bonus? It’s up to you.

You are not responsible for filing 1099-MISC forms for your freelancer.

There are tools and softwares available that tracks and monitors your workers progress at work. Some companies use these monitoring tools and others do not. As long as their tasks are done and submitted on/before the deadline. You’ll know whether they’re working or not.

Filipinos are hospitable, honest, and trustworthy. They have great work ethics. But, we also understand you. So First, establish trust and build a strong, professional working relationship. Observe them first and eventually, you’ll gain each other’s trust. This way, you can delegate tasks and give them access with ease of mind.

With over hundreds of resumes and profiles. Of course, There are qualified candidates for the job. First, The skills of the remote worker must match your criteria. What skills are you looking for? Remember: Fit is Key. Second, Interview the candidates. This can help you assess their personalities, communication skills, and values.

There are  lot of ways to pay your workers. Ask them what they prefer and  what’s available for them. As an employer, ensure that you also trust the payment channel. Some of the workers prefer : PayPal, Transferwise, Payoneer, and online money transfers.

    • We offer an affordable subscription Fee.
    • We don’t take any amount from the worker’s salaries
    • We totally understand that people who signed up wants a long-term and stable career.
    • We respect your communication with workers. We don’t get in the way.
    • Our Support team are here to assist you 24/7
  • The FREE plan – unlimited view of ALL the candidates. But, you cannot contact them since their contact information is hidden.
  • The PREMIUM plan – Full Contact Information View Up to 25 Candidates. You can cancel anytime.
  • The VIP plan – Premium Service Plus handpicking through our rigorous interview process based on your job requirements.

VAWarrior is an online HR agency where you can browse hundreds of resume profiles. We have the best virtual assistants from the Philippines and we connect them to Entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Win-win for for both the clients and the virtual assistants. We offer Virtual assistant services to clients all over the world. And at the same time, provide jobs to the Filipino Virtual Assistants.

The job review process depends on the hiring client. Mostly, the review process is 24 hours.