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Communication Tools 

Communication is essential to the success of any business or company. Especially for companies with Virtual Assistants. Because of the distance, everything is done through email, chat, and calls.

For a client-freelancer relationship, It is very important to have clear understanding of your job and  the things to do. Most problems are caused by miscommunications. But Hey, Don’t worry! Everything is easier now!. Thanks to these amazing tools:

  • Asana – The easiest tool to track your tasks. Most companies use this tool to assign projects and tasks to each member of the company. Everything is communicated clearly –  the assignee, due date and of course, the tasks. Plus, you can also chat with your colleagues! https://asana.com/
  • Slack- A communication tool which allows members to communicate without the use of emails. Can be installed in mobile phones and computers. This is an open chat for everyone invited to the group. If you want, this tool can also group members according to their projects and tasks. You can share files too! https://www.slack.com/
  • Skype – The most popular communication tool used by Virtual Assistants and their clients. I believe, all Virtual Assistants have Skype installed in the mobile phones and computers. This tool is very useful during the recruitment process – they can have video calls or voice calls. Group Chats and even group calls! This tool can share important files too. Indeed, Skype is an essential tool for the clients and VAs.  https://www.skype.com/
  • GMail – a free web-based email service developed by Google. It automatically organizes related messages into a conversational thread. This stores the messages and files.. You can filter messages, label emails as important or not important (you can also make your own labels).  Or you can also reply, forward, delete messages. This tool provides a flexible way of organizing email messages and files. Definitely, a must have for everyone!  https://www.gmail.com

With today’s technology, communication is a lot easier. Especially with the tools and apps, distance is not an issue anymore. These are perfect for the all the clients and Virtual Assistants.

These tools help in communicating with every team member, monitoring of the tasks, delegation of new projects and ensuring everything is smoothly running. Great help, right? So, What are you waiting for? Install these tools today.

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