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Sherrie Rose Brizuela
I have a 3 years experience being a VA.
26 October, 2018
My name is Karen. Teaching is fun when its from the heart and its your absolute passion. as a teacher, I can make students' learning experience more motivational and educational that will bring out the best in you. I am optimistic, that together we will successfully enjoy the venture of learning the english language. As an ambitious and hard-working individual, I am often recognized for my commitment and ability by some respected companies. I handled multiple tasks on a daily basis competently, working well under the pressure. I have been working as customer service associate and technical sales representative in different companies which helped me discover my capabilities and needs. My English skills was also developed because of them. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my suitability in more detail.
19 October, 2018
Certified Public Accountant, XERO Advisor Certified, XERO Migration Certified
9 October, 2018
Virtual Assistant/DATA ENTRY EXPERT
29 September, 2018
Christian Mark
I trust MYSELF!
1 October, 2018
Attention to detail and a high awareness of accuracy, and the ability to respond to timeframes and deadlines with pace.
27 September, 2018
Jack of all trades, Design Specialist
10 December, 2018
I am committed to learning and self-development to always achieve better result
26 September, 2018