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Benefits of offshore outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing

You cannot single-handedly operate your business without people. If you have inadequate manpower, it is wise to shift to offshore outsourcing. Otherwise, it would be tough to even keep your business afloat. Clients will not risk granting projects or service contracts to a provider that lacks a reliable workforce. If you choose to remain a small-time business owner, then penny-pinch on hiring personnel.  It can be very stressful to assume the “everything role” for your business. You get so overwhelmed you won’t even know where to start. You become stagnant. Progress is impeded. Moreover, all the unfinished work and unmet deadlines can be so frustrating. Remember that prolonged daily stress can result in tumors, cancers, heart attacks, or cerebral strokes. You don’t want that to happen to you.

Thousands of Success Stories on Business Outsourcing

There are hundreds of home or garage-based businesses that propelled themselves to unimaginable success because they were lucky to find the right support from friends, associates, or hired help.  Of course, aside from getting the right people, there are other factors that figure in their victory. These are: 1) right business plan & purpose;  2) the right management processes, 3) cost control; 4) great employee attitudes – diligence, dedication, honesty, 5) a great Customer Relations policy/program; 6) a trust-perfected brand.

Filipino freelancers

The Philippines is a top choice for offshore skilled-labor outsourcing (among other countries such as India, Malaysia, Russia, Mexico, or China) because many Filipinos speak English, have positive work attitude,  are highly- skilled, and have a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty.

Affordable help

If you aim to grow your business to incredible heights, then do get some affordable help and train all your staff to faithfully implement your success agenda.  Offshore outsourcing, or outsourcing to other countries, is definitely more cost-effective than outsourcing locally (or inshoring). Salary rates of Virtual Assistants from the Philippines, Malaysia, and India are almost four to five times lower than the rates of Assistants and Secretaries in U.S.A or other countries such as Australia, Germany, and United Kingdom.

Outsourcing of both white-collar and blue-collar jobs is a popular choice not only among small businesses but even of multinational companies in the U.S., Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Dubai, and other US territories. Global companies build infrastructure in countries such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and India to farm out manufacturing, customer service, and administrative jobs. Their primary reason is to take advantage of cheap labor in these countries. Small businesses farm out white-collar jobs such as accounting, web development, writing, and other skilled-labor jobs for the same main reason–cost cutting.

What experienced virtual assistants can do

Filipinos enjoy working as freelancers because they are free to choose the type of work they love doing. So when they find it, they are passionate about it. Freelancers can choose the nationality of their employer and can negotiate their work hours, vacation, salaries, and other benefits. They love working from home where they can spend time with their family and pets while earning a living at the same time.  A study in 2015 reported that what Filipino freelancers love the most about their job is having control over their own schedule and being able to work any place where there is internet. This means that even if they do not leave their home, they are able to find work from other countries such as U.S.A, Italy, Australia, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, and more.

There are many specialists in the fields of information technology, social media marketing & management, writing & translation, graphics design, movie & video editing,  internet & search engine marketing, bookkeeping, advertising, organizing, appointment setting, search engine optimization, database management,  real estate marketing, administrative work, executive appointment scheduling, online research, sales, and even teaching.

A well-trained virtual assistant can help you with the business processes, systems, and admin tasks.  If he or she gets to work long-term for you, you also have someone to tell your business problems to.  It can be therapeutic to vent your worries and uncertainties to someone who is always there to listen.

See the difference it can make for your business.

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